Tim Daly - Oculuma video and web sites

Tim Daly, Founder and Managing Director

Video is in our DNA

We are a small and growing business based in Surry Hills in Sydney, Australia, with a long history of working with small to medium enterprise clients who are looking for an efficient, value for money solution to their web and video marketing needs.

Oculuma grew out of a business started by Tim Daly. He had built web sites since 1996. He had played with video as a hobby as well, and realised that the motion arts were something he had actually been wanting to do since he was a kid walking out of the cinema after the Saturday afternoon flick. So a few years back he incorporated that into the web development business, as he could see that the two disciplines were quite complimentary, and this is increasingly becoming the case.

Desire to inspire

Our mission is based on our fundamental value – a desire to inspire.

We want to inspire you with the possibilities of a well-planned and executed web and video marketing program. We want to inspire your customers to feel comfortable about the decision to go with you and your product or service.

Everything we do comes from that root driver: Inspiration. We are incredibly keen to see you get results, and will do whatever we can to help you.

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