Four Common Website Design Mistakes That Create a Bad Impression

Website design mistakes are common in many of the thousands of sites created every day. When overlooked they can hinder your business website’s success.

To help your business website succeed, it must be a carefully targeted and wisely designed to appeal to visitors as potential customers. Here are some common basic mistakes that you can address.

  1. No or unclear headlines

Website design mistakes - Unclear headlines

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Headlines do matter! In fact, headline is one of the most important parts of your website. Just like with books and movies, titles help visitors decide whether to continuing reading or watching them, regardless how good your site is. It follows that the quality of the headline plays a big part too. In addition, unclear headlines might easily confuse and at times frustrates visitors.

  1. Main image is forgotten, or poor image selection.

We are now living in a visual world and a website without any images will bore most people. The lack of a main image on a page or having poor quality images on a site can be a big turn off for viewers. They are more likely to think that you are not serious enough to invest in your business. To improve your website “appearance”, start with good and high quality images. Consider hiring a photographer and/or illustrators! On top of that, be mindful that most stock images look just like that – stock images. Hence, the use of them should be minimised. Is your site worth more than that?

  1. Main image is irrelevant to business purpose.

Website design mistakes - a good headline, even if it is grammatically incorrect.

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As mentioned above, the main image or images on a page will be an effective tool to grab viewers’ attention. However, you don’t want to put a technology photo as your main image to represent your restaurant, do you? Relevant images will give viewers a clear understanding about your business as well as making the website more meaningful and focused. Don’t make your visitors struggle to understand what your business is about. Viewers are not patient! They will immediately go somewhere else if they cannot find the information they are seeking.  Bad headlines and poor image selection will make viewers ask themselves: “Why am I still on this website?”

  1. No priority and too much cluttered content.

Less is more! When it comes to a great website experience – Google, for instance – the fact that your website has less content doesn’t mean it is boring or being “abandoned”. Sometimes simplicity is best! A consistent, ordered amount of information and graphics will avoid overwhelming and frustrating viewers in their searches. The aim of your website design should be to quickly help visitors find what they are looking for without wasting their time.

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