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Efficient and effective

We firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for extra coding when the system you need is probably already out there and available for your use. Why re-invent the wheel? So whenever we can, we recommended building your web site on a WordPress platform. We like WordPress for these reasons:

  • It is stable.
  • It is free and open-source.
  • It is highly secure when used in the way we recommend.
  • It is used by more than 60 million people.
  • It has thousands of themes that you can use to tailor your site for a certain look or function.
  • It is supported by an incredible range of plug-ins that can perform almost any task you want your web site to do.

We can:

  • Plan your site.
  • Set up hosting.
  • Acquire domain names.
  • Organise text copy.
  • Organise images and other design components.
  • Install your chosen theme.
  • Install your chosen plug-ins, and the ones we recommend for every site.
  • Supply extra coding and tailoring.
  • Test the site and tweak the components so that everything is humming!
  • Teach you how to easily maintain your content.

We can also create sites using more traditional methods such as HTML, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. It all depends on your requirements.

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