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Recent web sites

Here’s a look at some of the recent web sites we built and how we did it:

Camp Tours
Camp Tours, is a tour company on the NSW South Coast, who specialise in adventure tours of the area and tours to Greece with an LGBT focus. They required a website to promote the business and highlight the tours available. One requirement was to have access directly from the front page, and we have enabled that through bright clickable image boxes.

International Travel Management Alliance
International Travel Management Alliance, as a brand new alliance, required a web site that introduced who they were and displayed their purpose and their services. We used WordPress with the Avada template in a configuration that gives a fashionable parallax view site.

Planetdwellers needed a new web site that was more flexible and had a better way to purchase tours online. It was built on WordPress with the Avada template and uses the WooCommerce plugin, and various other plugins to help provide an enjoyable experience to site visitors.

Love Home Loans
Love Home Loans wanted a web site that was aesthetically pleasing, gave a good coverage of the services they offered and provided tools to help the potential client and an informative blog so that they could keep coming back to the site. It was built on a WordPress template with various alterations to get just the look and functionality required.

The Bookshop
The Bookshop Darlinghurst‘s previous web site (which we developed) had been around for almost 10 years and was starting to show its age. We did an analysis of the various hosted shopping cart solutions (available on request) and found BigCommerce the most appropriate for this project. We chose a theme that most suited the store, and altered code to make it a perfect fit. The Bookshop now has a marketing tool that utilises the best of modern e-commerce marketing principles.

Perfect Yards
Perfect Yards wanted a web site to showcase their business and services. It has a clean, easily navigable design by Lucy Blake and is written in HTML and PHP.