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Sydney Opera HouseWe’re proud to present our portfolio

The links on this page take you to the portfolio of the latest examples of web sites and videos we have created.  Please have a look around and let us know what you think.

As for databases, they’re a little harder to show.

But perhaps we could tell you about the recent one we built for a national company. They wanted to better track the satisfaction level of the owners of recently completed pools and report using the Net Promoter Score method. We created a system that sent SMS messages with a link to a mobile-responsive web site wherein the client could answer a few simple questions. Based on their responses, the system could alert staff to any problems and store the client’s ratings. At any time the staff can run an NPS report for a given period. We thought the finished system was pretty cool. Something else we’re proud to have done.

We should also thank all the people involved with the work we do: clients and their staff and customers, graphics people, copywriters, voice-over people, the people who have graciously appeared in the videos, the template creators, the software writers and many others.