Cartman had it right - respect my authority!

When people say they’re confused by all they’re told about the best ways to climb up the Google search rankings, there’s one word that I use to clarify the aims of SEO.

Let’s look at it as simply as possible.

Google, primarily, is in the job of selling advertising. To sell more advertising they need the maximum number of eyeballs on their site. People come to their site in search of items on the internet that will answer their query. For them to keep coming back, Google has to present the best possible pages that will answer that query. They spend millions on refining their algorithm to ensure that the quality pages are at the top. Google looks for the sites and pages whose subject most likely matches the search term entered. In other words, Google looks for the AUTHORITY on a subject.

And that’s the word:


If you keep that in mind, SEO becomes a lot easier to get your head around.

If everything you do builds up your reputation as an authority on a particular subject, and your content mirrors that, Google will love you.

Equally, Google will penalise you if you try to trick their system into moving your content up the rankings without providing quality content.

Google loves blogs and sites that give helpful information in text, images and video. Google loves keywords that are indicative of the content to which they refer. Google loves inbound links from other reputable sites. These show that other people like your authority. Don’t be tempted to short-circuit the process of gaining those links or building that reputation. Google is wise to that.

If you concentrate on creating quality content that is easy for Google’s bots to find, verify, measure and classify, Google gains and you gain. It’s a win-win situation.

Put your effort into making a name for yourself as an authority on your subject, and the benefits will follow.


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