About Us

We make inspiring web videos for small to medium business. We are in Surry Hills in Sydney, Australia.

Our Name

Our name has two parts. The first part derives from oculus, the Latin for eye. The second part derives from lumière, the French for light.

Our logo is, simply, a capital O with static running through it (representing old TV screen video) that’s been turned on its side, signifying looking at things from a different perspective.

Our History

Tim Daly has been building web sites since 1996 when the Internet for business was still in its infancy. He built one of the first web sites for a stock broking firm. He worked on developing an Interactive Gold Model, the first time in the world where investors could log on and plug their own assumption numbers into a gold analyst’s model and see the earnings estimates change in real-time.

As Tim Daly Enterprises he has developed web sites since 2003. Ten years later he added videography to the services, recognising the growing importance of video in marketing through your web site, and giving an outlet to what had been a creative interest for some years. The images you see throughout the site are stills from some of our video work in that time.

As we grow, the focus is now on video production. That is Tim’s true passion.

The name change to Oculuma recognises that the business is much more than one person, and is growing.

You’ll be hearing more about us!