Image by Oculuma

Image by Oculuma

If you’re still wondering, here’s 6 reasons to use WordPress.

How big is the WordPress platform? The figure in the image below might give you some answers.

If you are still wondering why WordPress achieved all that or why millions of people are choosing WordPress, this article might help.

   1. WordPress is Free

Pricing detail.

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WordPress is free software which means you will be able to download, install, use and manage it without worrying about the cost. That’s because it is an open-source application built by the global community. However, WordPress beginners should be aware that only is free to use. Because of this there are limitations such as not being able to use your own domain name (it always includes “”) and advertisements.

Should you want to upgrade your WordPress account, prices start from about A$4 per month. But you can then use your own domain and your site will be  advertisement free. It’s good to know that cost will never change even if one day your website becomes extremely popular.

Appearance customisation in WordPress

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   2. WordPress is easy and flexible to use and customise

Millions of people choose to use WordPress for various purposes daily as WordPress is a user-friendly application that is easy enough for beginners to use immediately and yet is powerful enough to meet professional needs. According to WordPress, you will be able to create a stunning website and/or publish any content within 5 minutes. Customisation are just a click away. You just have to focus on the content and WordPress will take care of all the technical aspects. Moreover, support from the WordPress community is always there for you.

3. WordPress is search engine friendly

As Google Engineer Matt Cutts says, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” Yes, it actually does. The more SEO parameters you meet, the better your website will rank in search results. WordPress helps a lot here. Your website can also benefit from using one of the SEO plugins for WordPress. The free Yoast SEO plugin is one of the essential plugins that Oculuma recommends.

The Yoast plugin. Image by Oculuma

The Yoast plugin. Image by Oculuma

   4. WordPress is mobile-friendly

For the past couple of years, the majority of people have chosen to use mobile rather than full-sized computers due to their convenience. Mobile-based design is always a challenge. Thanks to WordPress and its responsive themes, your website will be ready to browse on any handheld device as soon as you finish designing it. One version of your website with one set of content that responds to different screen sizes and changes layout accordingly.

   5. WordPress is safe and secure.

WordPress-powered websites account for more than 26% of all websites and this makes them an obvious target for hackers. WordPress developers take security issues seriously and the best ones will instantly update software to prevent attacks when new security holes are discovered. With, updates are proceed automatically.

   6. Thousands of free plugins and themes.

Thousands of professionally designed themes and plugins are available right now to download and install for free. Should you wish to spend some money you will be able to access approximately 4,000 premium themes and up to more than 40,000 plugins. Using plugins allows you to add more functionality to your website; things such as membership portals and e-Commerce.

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Give WordPress a try and you will be impressed.

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